Manual assembly

We offer a comprehensive auxiliary manual assembly consisting in performing manufacturing operations by the trained assembly workers. We have a gang of assembly workstations placed in separate rooms, divided in electronic and mechanical stations. On the specialized workstations we can perform the following operations:
  • fixing electronic and mechanical components inside the casing parts;
  • screwing threaded mechanical parts;
  • riveting and forcing by means of presses;
  • component hot and cold gluing;
  • constructing devices from the customer's or our parts;
  • joining components by means of cables and bundles; electronic devices assembly;
  • printing overprints, designations and sticking labels.

Semi-automatic assembly

We offer making of dedicated tools and instruments for the series production that automate partially some production processes. We have the Design Office, which, using advanced 3D CAD software, is able to design high-class tools and mechanisms.

Our Workshop is able to make, modify and repair tools and mechanical components.

Automatic assembly

We design and manufacture automatic production lines and single robots to meet the needs of the large-lot production and the special production processes. We use robots and components from the best suppliers in the field of robotics.

Currently we use, among other things, a fully robotised machine for socket mounting and a robot for collecting details from the injection moulders.


At the end of each production process we perform tests to confirm that the product complies with the given requirements. On the basis of the documentation provided, we can plan a series of product tests and the design, and manufacture dedicated testers.

We test electrical and mechanical parameters set previously. The result of each test is stored in the form of an electronic protocol, and it can be printed on demand.