Eccentric presses

Our versatile machines can work either in manual or automatic mode in the production lines. With the use of presses we practically make all cold machining operations: cutting, stamping, punching, bending, forcing, and others.
The machines are characterized by variable slide stroke, variable clamp size, a large pathway for removal of moulded pieces, and the ability to attach and drive various automatic accessories (mechanical grip and air supply).

We have six machines with the following parameters:
  • load: 2,5÷40 T;
  • slide stroke: 4÷120 mm;
  • slide control: 30÷63 mm;
  • distance between the slide and the frame: 90÷250;
  • work table dimensions: from 210x140 to 710x470 mm;
  • work table hole: from 60x30 to O260/160 mm.

Electro-erosion machine

ZAP BP05d electro-erosion machine (4-axis) is used to cut details in current-conducting materials (copper, aluminium, steel, sintered materials) by electro-spark method with the use of the wire sliding along guides at some angle to the table surface (maximum +/30 degrees). It is used to make blanking tools, tools, mould parts and other details. The machine may operate with a computer with MegaCAD + BPCAM drawing software.
Basic technical data:
  • coordinate table dimensions: X=400, Y=270 mm;
  • shift: X=300, Y=180, Z=180 mm;
  • tank dimensions: 700 x 390 mm;
  • ability to cut diagonally: 0÷45o;
  • positioning accuracy: ±0,01 mm;
  • machining accuracy ±0,02 mm;
  • workpiece maximum weight: 100 kg;
  • cutting wire: O=0,25 mm;
  • working air gap; O=0,32 mm;
  • materials: steel, bronze, copper, aluminium, sintered materials.
In addition WE-3K electro-erosion drill is mounted. The drill has the following parametres:
  • shift: X=250, Y=140, Z=100 mm;
  • maximum depth of drilled holes: 90 mm;
  • hole diameter range 0,5÷1,8 mm.


1. TRENS SN 500SA Engine lathe

The versatile centre lathe, with an extended spindle passage, has a broad range of rotational speeds and the system for easy threading for all common threads. The machine is fitted with a digital readout system for three axes, and the set of accessories for precision machining performance.
Basic data:
  • spindle passage: 82 mm;
  • turning diameter over the bed: 505 mm;
  • turning diameter over the carriage: 270 mm;
  • height of centres over the bed;
  • distance between the centres: 1500 mm;
  • turning diameter over the bed removed, minimum: 700 mm;
  • usable length after the bed after removal, minimum: 230 mm;
  • number of gears: 18;
  • rotational speed range: 12,5÷1600 obr/min;
  • tool maximum size: 32 x 25 mm;
  • maximum weight of the workpiece mounted between the centres: 1000 kg;
  • workpiece maximum weight (one side mounted): 80 kg;
  • attainable treatment accuracy: IT7.

2. OTELO 1220 KOMBI 500 Precision workshop lathe

The lathe fitted with a gear box with 6 bands, 4-knife gripper.
Basic data:
  • spindle passage: 20 mm;
  • diameter over the bed: 200 mm;
  • height of centres: 100 mm;
  • distance between centres: 500 mm;


We have two specialised grinders for grinding surfaces, shafts and holes:

1. ZVL BRH 20A Grinder for magnetic surfaces

Basic data:
  • max. grinding maximum length: 630 mm;
  • max. grinding maximum width: 230 mm;
  • work table surface for mounting: 630 x 200 mm;
  • workpiece maximum weight: 130 kg;
  • maximum height of grinding: 500 mm.

2. RUP 28/1000 TARNOW SA Mechanical plant grinder for shafts and holes

The grinder is characterized by high precision and efficiency thanks to the hydrostatic spindle bearing and hydrostatic guides. When grinding with the economic settings, the machine is capable of getting the following geometric parameters:
  • roughness: Ra 0,16;
  • circularity: 0,0005 mm;
  • cylindricity: 0,005 mm / 500mm;
  • repeatability of diameter grinding: 0,0025 mm;

Basic data:
  • maximum length of the workpiece grounded: 1000 mm;
  • maximum diameter: 280 mm;
  • range of the table feed: 75÷4000 mm/min;
  • workpiece grinding maximum speed: 45m/s;
  • maximum weight of the workpiece placed between centres: 125 kg;
  • maximum weight of the workpiece mounted in a grip: 20 kg;
  • angle of torsion of grinding wheel headstock: ± 30°;
  • range of angle of torsion of the grinding wheel headstock towards the operator/from the operator: 30° /90°;
  • angle of torsion of the work table towards the grinding wheel headstock/towards the operator: 10°/3°;

Milling machine

The versatile milling machine, vertical & horizontal, with MAHO MH560 digital measurement module.

Basic data:
  • stepless feed: X=400, Y=300, Z=400 mm;
  • versatile work table dimensions: O 620 x 300 mm;
  • inclination on each side: 30°;
  • rotation angle: 360°;
  • lateral displacement: 65 mm;
  • rotational speed range: 40÷2000 obr/min;
  • speed control stroke: 1,25.

Drilling machine

The jig drilling machine, vertical, with DECKEL LK digital measurement system.

Basic data:
  • feed: X=400, Y=250, Z=350 mm;
  • work table dimensions: O 650 x 300 mm;
  • rotational speed range: 40÷6300 obr/min.

Hardness tester

Zwick / Roell ZHR 4150LK hardness tester (15 ÷ 45 kg) with an extended panel and ability to recalculate the scale for standard applications.
Basic data:
  • fully automatic measurement system (the machine operator does not affect measurement results);
  • hardness measurement according to Rockwell Hardness Scale: HRC, HRA, HRB;
  • thanks to a boom nose application it is possible to access to hard-to-reach places;
  • workpiece maximum height : 250 mm;
  • measurement depth : 90 mm;
  • readout device digital display, RS232 interface;
  • automatic correction of curvature and irregularities of surface;
  • calculation of average values of measurement results;
  • setting times of clamping, holding and unloading;
  • optical and acoustic signalling of tolerance excess;
  • initial load : 3kg
  • measurement load: 15,30,45 kg.