Driver LED RGBW 12-24VDC TYP: SLR-22

Product Description

The SLR-22 controller is designed to control RGB or RGBW LED strips supplied with 12-14 V DC. The device is designed for installation in flush and surface-mounted installation boxes. Smooth change of color and light intensity is possible for one LED strip. Convenient control of the SLR-22 device can be conducted wirelessly from the level of transmitters or EXTA LIFE controller and wired from the level of a single monostable or bistable switch. For wired control, the IN input configured in the mobile application is used. Thanks to two-way communication between the receiver and the controller, the current state of the receiver is visible. It is indicated on the smartphone display (ON / OFF status + level of smooth color change and light intensity in%). Through this connection, define the parameters of the receiver, and the transmitters are added remotely.



  • compatible with the EFC-01 controller, and exta life system transmitters,
  • control of RGB or RGBW strips powered by 12-24 VDC voltage,
  • 2 configurable external inputs,
  • montaż w puszcze instalacyjnej Ø60 mm.
  • rated supply voltage 12-24 VDC,
  • bidirectional transmission - indication of the recent status in the application,
  • możliwość podłączenia łączników mono lub bistabilnych,
  • 4 output channels (transistor outputs - PWM control with "-" potential),
  • programmable outputs state, after a power outage,
  • możliwość zdalnej aktualizacji oprogramowania,
Mounting method Puszka do wbudowania
Current supply Inne
Suitable for degree of protection (IP) IP20
Transmission radio – band ISM 868 MHz ( 868,50 MHz )
Transmission method radio, bi-directional – band ISM 868 MHz ( 868,50 MHz )
Optical signaling (transmission / programming) LED RGB
Maximum number of paired buttons 96 pair
Modes of operation with EFC-01 switching on, switching off, lighting control (slider), time,
Working with connectors monostable (buttons), bistable
Time setting range 1 s – 18 h
Protection class III
Compliance with standards DOD000001
Height 47,50 mm
Width 47,50 mm
Depth 20,00 mm
Weight 0,040 kg