WI-FI Control


Wi-Fi Energy monitor TYP: MEW-01

Product Description

Electricity monitor, allows to measure electricity using a Wi-Fi network. The device is a 3-phase device that is easily installed in an electrical switchboard, without additional costs coming from creating a special electrical and telecommunications installation.

The MEW-01 receiver is designed for installation in switchboards on a TH35 rail (DIN). The device occupies two modules. An important element is the connection of 100A current transformers and antenna (included in the kit). If the antenna must be installed outside the switchboard (it concerns for metal case switchgears) an external antenna is for this purpose. The antenna has a SMA connector.

An important feature is that MEW-01 measur the energy consumption also in phase 1.



  • Simple installation Building automation systems available on the market are usually very complex, closed and expensive. In many cases, they require installation as early as at the construction stage. SUPLA devices are easy to assemble and configure, and do not need additional wiring.
  • SUPLA products have a developed community. You can share your comments and ideas with other system users, you can look for support and inspiration in the community forum. Join thousands of satisfied users!
  • Transformers inside the box
  • Wi-Fi All SUPLA products communicate over a wireless network. Thanks to this, you don't have to invest in expensive building automation controllers. Via Wi-Fi, you can connect to devices from anywhere on earth. You don't have to worry about providing additional communication cables to the devices.
  • Measurement of electricity consumption as well as current, voltage and power on three phases.
  • Possibility to measure 1 phase.
  • Everything at hand Each of us sometimes wonders if he turned off the light, stove or kettle after leaving the house. You don't have to worry about that today. All you have to do is mount SUPLA devices and you can immediately check if everything that should have been turned off.
  • Transfer data and access to measurement results into the cloud.
  • Dane zużycia energii elektrycznej i mierzonych parametrów sieci (także w formie wykresów) przedstawione w aplikacji Supla.


Mounting method Szyna DIN
Model Pomiar pośredni/półpośredni
Type of indication Inne
Max. current (Imax) 100,000 A
Number of positions total (counter) 1,000
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Type of interface Inne
Energy type Moc czynna i bierna
Accuracy class A
Pole type Trójfazowe z przewodem neutralnym