led lighting


DALI controler one colour TYPE: SDL-01

Product Description

The DALI SDL-01 controller is designed to control LEDs (single color) via the DALI interface bus. The terminal elements connected to the controller can be LEDIX low voltage fittings, tapes and diode modules. The controller converts DALI protocol messages to an PWM output signal controlling the lighting level of single-color LEDs. The control bus consists of two lines that can be run together with power lines. Small dimensions allow easy installation in a box. 60. DALI controllers allow easy implementation of LED products in complex lighting systems whose operation is based on the DALI interface. SDL-01 can also act as a controller in autonomous LED lighting systems.


Width 47,5 mm
Height 20 mm
Housing Obudowa z tworzywa sztucznego
Rated voltage 10-48 V
Output power 0/30 W
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Type of dimming DALI
Net weight 0,03 kg
Gross weight 0,03 kg
Length 0,13 m
Width 0,09 m
Height 0,02 m
Housing color grey
Assembly concealed
Supply voltage 10 to14 V
Output voltage 10 to 14 V
IP class IP 20