led lighting


LED power-supply junction box mounting 12V DC TYPE: ZNP-15-12

Product Description

The ZNP-15-12 power supply is a professional power supply unit with 12 V DC output power and 15 W rated power. The power supply is designed to work with LEDIX products such as radio controllers and receivers and other LED products powered by 12 V DC. Is it designed for direct installation in an installation box? The product has short-circuit and overload protection, which increases the safety of its use. High efficiency and very low power consumption in standby mode make this a very economical solution for continuous operation. The power supply meets the requirements of the harmonized standards.


Width 47,5 mm
Height 32,5 mm
Depth 47,5 mm
Power consumption 0,25 W
Voltage type of supply voltage DC
Power output 15 W
Type of electric connection Połączenie śrubowe
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
1st secondary output voltage 12/12 V
Rated supply voltage at AC 50 Hz 230/230 V
Rated supply voltage at AC 60 Hz 230/230 V
Max. output current 1 1,25 A
Net weight 0,10 kg
Gross weight 0,10 kg
Length 0,18 m
Width 0,12 m
Height 0,03 m
Housing color grey
Assembly box
Output power 0/15 W
IP class IP 20