led lighting


LED power-supply flush mounted 12V DC 15W TYPE: ZNN-15-12

Product Description

The ZNN-15-12 power supply is a professional 12 V DC power supply, designed for surface mounting.
Output power is 15 W. The power supply is recommended for supplying equipment belonging to the LEDIX group (controllers, radio receivers) and other LED products powered by 12 V DC. The product has short-circuit and overload protection, which increases the safety of its use. High efficiency and very low power consumption in standby mode make it a very economical solution for continuous operation. The power supply meets the requirements of the harmonized standards.


Width 44 mm
Height 33 mm
Depth 81 mm
Power consumption 0,25 W
Voltage type of supply voltage DC
Power output 15 W
Type of electric connection Inne
Degree of protection (IP) IP56
1st secondary output voltage 12/12 V
Rated supply voltage at AC 50 Hz 230/230 V
Rated supply voltage at AC 60 Hz 230/230 V
Max. output current 1 1,25 A
Net weight 0,14 kg
Gross weight 0,14 kg
Length 0,21 m
Width 0,08 m
Height 0,03 m
Housing color grey
Assembly surface
Output power 0/15 W
IP class IP 20