Functionality and elegance in illumination
LEDIX lighting is a perfect solution for everyone who is looking for not only attractive but functional lighting: stairs, passageways or elevations. Get to know all its possibilities!
Ledix - interiors created with light
tailored to You
LEDIX modern lighting dimension
Over 10 years warranty reliability
Extensive functions of the lighting system
Customized fixtures for Your needs
long life span 40 thousands hours
The benefits of having LEDIX lighting
A Energy saving Due to the low supply voltage and low power consumption, LEDIX luminaires will save you energy bringing visible financial benefits.
B Security LED lighting does not use substances hazardous to health, such as mercury, and also does not emit IR and UV radiation.
C Wide range of choice To meet your needs, we have created an offer in which you will find a wide range of power and control devices, as well as electronic transformers.
Poznaj możliwości oświetlenia LED LEDIX
Motion and twilight
LED luminaires equipped with motion and twilight sensors enable automatic activation of the installation along with motion detection. This is a great way to illuminate communication routes, corridors or stairs. The twilight switch in turn allows you to switch the luminaire at a certain light intensity
Built-in LED luminaire radio receiver allows control of luminaires and lighting without the need for additional cabling. The luminaires work with a wide range of EXTA FREE wireless system transmitters, enabling remote switching on / off lighting or changing the light intensity.
Selection of colors
and lighting
Selected LED luminaires with a radio RGB controller, as well as those with a built-in radio receiver can work with a dedicated P-260 remote control.The remote control will enable you not only to change the lighting intensity, but also to change the color of light as needed.
The accumulator built into the selected LED luminaires enables the lighting function to be maintained for 1.5 hours from the moment of the power supply decay. After the voltage returns, the battery is charged for up to 10 hours under full control of the electronics, which extends its service life.
functionality and ecology
LEDIX luminaires can easily cooperate with PV solar cells, which convert solar energy into electricity. This solution is perfect wherever conducting a typical electrical installation is not possible or a considerable problem - gardens, gazebos, cottages.


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