led lighting


Touch switch TYPE: WDN-04

Product Description

WDN-switch 04 is used for non-contact switching on and off lighting. Activation of the switch occurs through hand close to the surface under which the sensor is installed. This control method does not require direct contact with the sensor. For this reason, it can be installed (for example, in the kitchen counter) and completely invisible to the user. Aesthetics control WDN-04 recommends its use in the kitchen and łazienkowych.Sensor WDN-breaker 04 is equipped with a cable with a length of 2.5 m. The dimensions suitable for installation in holes of a diameter of 35 mm. The sensor can be mounted in wood, glass, stone and other materials with the exception of those which contain metal parts. Regardless of the space over the sensor material should not be greater than 10 mm.


Method of operation Inne
Colour Szary
Model Łącznik przewodowy
Type of load Uniwersalny
Material Tworzywo sztuczne
Power 0/300 W
Type of surface Matowy
Net weight 0,05 kg
Gross weight 0,05 kg
Length 0,23 m
Width 0,04 m
Height 0,04 m
Housing color grey
Assembly flush
Output power 0/300 W
IP class IP 20