led lighting


RGB controller with remote controll TYPE: SLR-11P

Product Description

SLR set-11P consists of a WiFi driver SLR 11 and the remote touch-P 260. The kit is designed for use with products such as RGB standard housing series Ledix RGB, RGB tape and modules supplied with voltage 10 to 14V DC. Set in combination with the products gives the possibility RGB stepless adjustment of the color of the light from the remote touch-field P-260 and the changes in the intensity of the selected color. In addition, SLR-11P carries out programs of automatic liquid and a step change colors. remote control entering in the kit is factory-set to the control SLR-11 - directly after mounting kit is ready for use. Akże feature is the ability to assign the controller to other remote controls P-260 and selected EXTA FREE system transmitters.As a result, users are not restricted to a single transmitter as it is in competitive solutions. Small dimensions allow the driver direct mounting in the can? 60.



  • Smooth change of colors (FLOATING)
  • Transmission f = 868,32MHz
  • Stroke change color (STROBE)
  • Transmission method - unidirectional
  • Features: Turn on, off, brighten, dim, choose color from palette (RAINBOW), white temperature control,
  • Encoding - addressing
Width 47,5 mm
Height 20 mm
Housing Obudowa z tworzywa sztucznego
Output power 0/90 W
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Type of dimming Inne
Net weight 0,12 kg
Gross weight 0,12 kg
Length 0,23 m
Width 0,10 m
Height 0,02 m
Housing color grey
Assembly concealed
Supply voltage 10 to14 V
Output voltage 10 to 14 V
IP class IP 20